The Happiest Form of Transportation is ... Bicycling!

By Beth Royer

Librarians at Carpenter-Carse Library in Hinesburg agree with a study from the University of Minnesota that found that bicycling is the happiest form of transportation. Our Take A Bike! program will connect Hinesburg residents to the joys of bicycling.

Thanks to grants from RiseVT and SCHIP, and the donation of bikes from (VBT) Vermont Bicycle Tours, we have three bicycles here at the library that adult patrons can borrow as they would a book. Bike repair tools, safety equipment, a bike stand, local maps, and materials related to cycling from our library collection are also be available for public use. Carpenter-Carse Library is here to provide support and love for exploring our community on two wheels (or one or three too)!

Carpenter-Carse Library already provides guest passes and vouchers for the community to access Local Motion Bike Ferry, Vermont State Parks, and Kingdom Trails (mountain biking), but this expansion into recreational materials represents our interest in growing and supporting a healthy community. We provide support for healthy lifestyle choices in our materials, and in encouraging our community to seek alternatives to petroleum-based transportation.

In addition to encouraging the power of resource-sharing, libraries represent a space where everyone in the community can have equal access to materials and experiences, regardless of their economic situation. By expanding access, encouraging exploration, and sharing resources, libraries make our community a place where joy is shared!

Made possible thanks to our local friends:

RiseVT - SCHIP- VBT - Skirack - Old Spokes Home - Richard Tom Foundation - Local Motion