Milkshake pARTy- September 27th!

Join us on Friday, September 27th at 6pm to meet the new Library Director, celebrate Banned Book Week, see Dead Feminists & drink frosty beverages!

We have so many things to celebrate! If you haven't met Beth Royer, our new director, this will be a great night to do so. There will be an array of cold drinks (milkshakes & smoothies) and fabulous art on the walls- in addition to celebrating Beth, we will be opening an art show in the Community Room- the full collection of Dead Feminist Broadsides, designed and printed by artists Jessica Spring & Chandler O’Leary.

This broadside series, which has been underway since 2008, celebrates an array of dead feminists including, but not limited to: Harriet Tubman, Frida Kahlo, Eleanor Roosevelt, Annie Oakley & Shirley Chisholm. The designs are letterpress-printed from hand-drawn lettering and illustrations. For a sneak peek visit:

The series features quotes by historical feminists, tied in with current political and social issues. A portion of the proceeds of each piece is donated to a cause that aligns with the issue highlighted by the artwork. Jessica and Chandler have released 28 broadsides since the series began in 2008. Some of these amazing women were also banned book/poetry authors- a perfect connection to September's Banned Book Week.

Image: Just Desserts- Broadside No. 7

Carpenter-Carse Library