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Dear Neighbor,

At Alonzo’s one-year well-child appointment in Hinesburg, he could only say seven words. His pediatrician stressed the importance of creating a language-rich environment to foster the development of his vocabulary. 

Like many parents and care-givers in our community, Alonzo’s mother looked to the local library to help create a strong foundation for early literacy. Alonzo, now two-and-a-half, has been attending Miss Kelly’s storytime once or twice a week with his older brother. His mother reports happily: 

“It has been easy and fun to immerse Alonzo in spoken language, singing, and books. He is now very verbal and can even identify most capital letters. He repeats rhymes and sings songs he learned at the library all the time.”

Your donation to the Carpenter-Carse Library supports active programming that enlivens and enriches our community. Storytime is just one of over 40 hours of programming each month that the library provides for community members, young and old, to meet, learn, and expand their knowledge and personal development. We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all to read, learn and create in a warm and welcoming environment, and to providing up-to-date and relevant materials and programs to support that learning.

Your support has helped give Alonzo words, fostered his development, and provided his mother new peace of mind. I’m writing today to ask you to donate to ensure that the youth of Hinesburg continue to get the early literacy support they need. 

Thanks to the generosity of you and other supporters, the library has had a year of tangible growth, just like Alonzo. Please click the links to to see the ways in which we have grown, and our goals for the future.  

The people in this community make my job so rich and gratifying- I love doing the work we do because of you. Your donation this Giving Season directly helps more youngsters like Alonzo. Thank you for that. I look forward to seeing you at the library soon.

Warm Regards,
Sara Armstrong Donegan- Library Director


PS. Giving to Carpenter-Carse Library makes a great gift. Tell us who your donation is on behalf of and we will send you a certificate to give to your honoree.

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